These are the roses we have in stock as of mid March 2021 - all are £15 are are specially chosen as they've proven popular with our customers and grow well in our areas.  Please ask if the one you want isn't here - it may be hiding in the nursery somewhere!  And if you'd like to reserve one to have delivered or pick up next day, give us a ring or email.

Hybrid Tea Roses

Floribunda Roses

arthur bell floribunda rose.png

Arthur Bell

english miss floribunda rose.jpg

English Miss

Friend for Life
great expectations floribunda rose.jpg

Great Expectations

happy anniversary floribunda rose.png

Happy Anniversary

Lady Marmalade
margaret merril floribunda rose.jpg
Margaret Merril

Climbing Roses

blush noisette climber.jpg

Blush Noisette

etoile de hollande climber.jpg

Etoile de Hollande

cecile brunner climber.jpg

Cecile Brunner

Creme de la Creme
Golden Showers
lady hillingdon climber.jpg
Lady Hillingdon
ena harkness climber.jpg

Ena Harkness

zephirine drouhin climber.jpg
Zephirine Drouhin

Other Roses

bonica modern shrub rose.jpg

Bonica Modern Shrub Rose

rose de rescht shrub rose.jpg

Rose de Rescht Shrub Rose

Perennial Blue Rambler
rambling rector rambler.jpg

Rambling Rector Rambler

homage a barbara Delbard rose.jpg

Homage a Barbara Delbard Rose

Pretty Jessica English Rose
sir walter raleigh english rose.jpg
Sir Walter Raleigh English Rose
Rosa rugosa.jpeg
Rosa Rugosa Hedge Roses - various colours

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