Vegetables & herbs

Tray of vegetable plants 

all £1.75

Pea "Twinkle"

Garlic "Marco"

Brussel sprouts

Perpetual spinach

Lettuce "All year round"

Curly kale

Purple sprouting broccoli

Calabrese (broccoli) "F1 marathon"

Cabbage "Greyhound"

Cabbage "Red drumhead"

£1.50 vegetable plants

Courgette "F1 Atena"

Tomato "Topsy Tim"

Tomato "Supersweet"

Tomato "Golden sunrise"

Tomato " Gardener's delight"

Herb plants

Bay small£1-99

        large £9.99

Chives £3.50

Curry plant £4.99

Fennel-bronze £3.50

Feverfew £2.25

Golden Marjoram £1.99

Mint-apple £3.50

        -chocolate £3.50

        -garden £3.50

Parsley-flat leaved £1.99

Sage small £1.99

          large £6.99

Thyme-common £1.99

             -silver queen £1.99

Tarragon £3.50

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