Ornamental Trees

Our skilled and dedicated team of experienced horticulturists use all their care and knowledge to ensure that our trees have the best start in life.
Our trees will not need additional feeding when planted as they have had organic matter added already, just plant them with the soil they are potted in.
We are happy to give advice on all our trees, even after purchase, just call us on 01935 864166 or email us at orders@greensleevesnurseries.co.uk 
Acer Osakasuki.jpg

Acer palmatum "Osakasuki"

Japanese Maple


Amelanchier lamarckii.jpg

Amelanchier lamarckii

Snowy Mespilus



Prunus 'The Bride'


Prunus 'Frilly Frock'


Sorbus AUTUMN SPIRE  ('Flanrock') Mountain ash & white beam


Sorbus ulleungensis

'Olympic Flame'

Mountain ash & white beam


Sorbus aucuparia

Mountain Ash and Whitebeam


Sorbus vilmorinii 'Pink Charm' Mountain  ash & whitebeam


Sorbus vilmorinii Mountain Ash and Whitebeam


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Ilex aquifolium 'Argentea Marginata' £35