Seed potatoes,

onion sets & planting garlic 

Seed potatoes £2.10/kg

Bonnie-Second early

Yellow skinned with red markings. The flesh is yellow.

High resistance to scab, black dot and black leg. 

Excellent baked potatoes.

Nadine-Second early

Yellow skin and flesh. Tubers are short and oval.

Resistant to eelworm. High yielding

Boils and bakes well. Waxy.

King Edward-Maincrop

White skin with pink markings. Yellow flesh. 

Resistant to scab.

Excellent for roasting or chips.

Charlotte-Salad crop

Yellow flesh. Long, oval tubes.

High yielding. Susceptible to eelworm.

Onion & shallot sets

Onions-sturon £5.50/kg

Golden skin variety

Medium size bulbs

Good variety for storing


Onion Red baron-£5.50/kg

Red skin variety

Flatish-round bulbs

Good strong flavour


Onion turbo-£5.50/kg

Golden skin variety

Late maturing, producing 

medium sized onions.


Shallot Golden gourmet £6/kg

Uniform, attractive brown shallot. Mild flavour.


Shallot set-Red sun £6/kg

Best red skinned variety

Bumper yields.

Great flavour


Garlic Marco 95p per bulb

Plant Oct-March

 cm apart15