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    Greensleeves Nursery & Farm Shop Welcome to Greensleeves Nursery and Farm Shop. We are open 7 days a week, 9-5 Mon-Sat and 10-4 on Sunday ​ It is that time of year again when we start thinking about planting up our gardens. We have a wide selection of and also seeds onion & shallot sets, garlic and seed potatoes. ​ This is also the perfect time of year for planting trees. We have our and potted and ready to go. ornamental trees fruit trees ​ Just click on any the links above to see what we have in stock. Alternatively you can use the drop down menus for the Nursery of Farm Shop to navigate the site. ​ If you have any questions you can call us or email us at 01935 864 166

  • Ornamental trees | Greensleeves Nursery

    Ornamental Trees Our skilled and dedicated team of experienced horticulturists use all their care and knowledge to ensure that our trees have the best start in life. Our trees will not need additional feeding when planted as they have had organic matter added already, just plant them with the soil they are potted in. We are happy to give advice on all our trees, even after purchase, just call us on or email us at 01935 864166 Acer palmatum "Osakasuki" Japanese Maple £45 Amelanchier lamarckii Snowy Mespilus £25 ​ Betula Fascination £39.99 ​ Crataegus laevigata 'Rosea Flore Pleno'. £37.50 Ilex aquifolium 'Argentea Marginata' £35 Ilex x altaclerensis 'Golden King' £35 ​ Ilex aquifolium 'J.C. van Tol' Holly £35 Laburnum anagyroides 'Sunspire' £45 ​ Malus 'Butterball' Crab Apple £35 Malus 'Evereste' Crab Apple £35 Malus 'Golden Hornet' £35 Malus 'Prairie Fire® Crab Apple £35 Malus 'Royalty' Crab Apple £37.50 Malus 'Rudolph' Crab Apple £35 Malus x robusta 'Red Sentinel' Crab Apple £35 Malus brevipes 'Wedding bouquet" £37.50 Prunus 'Amanogawa' The Flagpole Cherry £37.50 ​ Prunus 'The Bride' £37.50 Prunus 'Frilly Frock' £37.50 Prunus 'Kiku-shidare-zakura' £37.50 Prunus 'Pink Perfection'. £37.50 Prunus serrula £37.50 Prunus SPRING SNOW 'Beni-tamanishiki' £37.50 Sorbus AUTUMN SPIRE ('Flanrock') Mountain ash & white beam £35 Salix alba 'Tristis' Willow £45 ​ Sorbus ulleungensis 'Olympic Flame' Mountain ash & white beam £35 Sorbus aucuparia Mountain Ash and Whitebeam £35 ​ ash & whitebeam Sorbus vilmorinii 'Pink Charm' Mountain £35 ​ Sorbus vilmorinii Mountain Ash and Whitebeam £35 ​

  • Fruit trees | Greensleeves Nursery

    Fruit trees Our skilled and dedicated team of experienced horticulturists use all their care and knowledge to ensure that our trees have the best start in life. ​ Our trees will not need additional feeding when planted as they have had organic matter added already, just plant them with the soil they are potted in. ​ We are happy to give advice on all our trees, even after purchase, just call us on or email us at 01935 864166 Apple Asmead's kernel 2 yr £27.50 ​ Apple Blenhiem orange 2 yr £27.50 Apple Beauty of Bath 2 yr £27.50 Apple Egromont russet 2 yr £27.50 Apple Christmas pippin 2 yr £27.50 Apple discovery Maiden £23 Apple Greensleeves Maiden £23 Apple Herefordshire Russet 2 yr £27.50 Apple Howgate wonder 2 yr £27.50 Apple Lord Lambourne 2 yr £27.50 Apple Scrumptious 2 yr £27.50 ​ Cherry Summer sun 2 yr £35 Apple Worcester Pearmain 2 yr £27.50 Cherry Sweetheart 2 yr £35 Cherry Stella 2 yr £35 Old greengage £35 Gage Oulinn's golden £27.50 Pear-Beth 2 yr £27.50 Concorde Pear 2 yr £27.50 Plum-River's early prolific 2 yr £37.50 ​ Victoria Plum 2 yr £37.50 Marjorie's Seedling Plum 2 yr £37.50

  • Microgreens | Greensleeves Nursery

    Microgreens Our microgreens are organically grown for us in Chilthorne Domer and come packaged in plant-based containers.

  • Meat and fish | Greensleeves Nursery

    Meat & fish We get our delicious smoked meats and fish from Brown & Forrest in Hambridge.

  • The Farm Shop | Greensleeves Nursery

    The Farm Shop Our farm shop is open Monday to Saturday 9-4 & Sunday 10-4. Seasonal produce It is that time of year again when Seville oranges and blood oranges make a brief appearance. We will have both in stock for as long as we can get them. Compostable Packaging We have started using Vegware plant based packaging for our salad leaves, greens and micro-greens. The packaging is 100% compostable. Special orders If you don't see what you need, give us a call on or 01935 864166 email us and we will try to order it in for you. ​ We can order you in most fruits, vegetables and herbs from our supplier and can have them for you the next day, apart from Sunday. For non-stock ambient items you would need to order a full case. If you buy a case of any item from the farm shop, be it something we stock or a special order, you receive a 10% discount. ​ We also offer local delivery or collection.

  • Seed potatoes, onion sets etc... | Greensleeves Nursery

    Seed potatoes, onion sets & planting garlic Seed potatoes £1.95/kg Bonnie-Second early Yellow skinned with red markings. The flesh is yellow. High resistance to scab, black dot and black leg. Excellent baked potatoes. ​ Nadine-Second early Yellow skin and flesh. Tubers are short and oval. Resistant to eelworm. High yielding Boils and bakes well. Waxy. ​ ​ King Edward-Maincrop White skin with pink markings. Yellow flesh. Resistant to scab. Excellent for roasting or chips. ​ ​ Charlotte-Salad crop Yellow flesh. Long, oval tubes. High yielding. Susceptible to eelworm. Onion & shallot sets Onions-sturon £5.50/kg Golden skin variety Medium size bulbs Good variety for storing Onion Red baron-£5.50/kg Red skin variety Flatish-round bulbs Good strong flavour Onion turbo-£5.50/kg Golden skin variety Late maturing, producing medium sized onions. Shallot Golden gourmet £6/kg Uniform, attractive brown shallot. Mild flavour. Shallot set-Red sun £6/kg Best red skinned variety Bumper yields. Great flavour Garlic Marco 95p per bulb Plant Oct-March cm apart15 ​

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  • Seeds | Greensleeves Nursery

    Seeds Vegetable seeds Beetroot-boltardy Broccoli-calabrese-autumn spear Broccoli-purple sprouting Broccoli-purple sprouting F1 blaze Broccoli F1 Stromboli Brussel's sprout-F1 content Swiss chard-bright lights Swiss chard-white silver 2 Carrot-Amsterdam forcing 3 Carrot-Early Nantes 5 Carrot-Autumn king 2 Carrot-Rainbow mix Cauliflower-F1 successional harvest mix Cauliflower-all year round Cauliflower-Snowball A Cabbage-Wheeler's imperial Cabbage-Greyhound Cabbage-Red drumhead Courgette-F1 defender ​ Cress-Curled Cucumber-Telegraph improved Cucumber F1 Bush champion Fennel-Sirio Kale-Black magic Garlic kale Kale(curly)-Dwarf green curled Leek-Musselburgh Leaf salad-French mix Leaf salad-Lettuce mix Leaf salad-Spicy mix Leaf salad-Winter mix Lettuce-Salad bowl Lettuce-Red salad bowl Iceberg lettuce-match Cos lettuce-little gem Lettuce-all year round Lettuce-cos-Dixter Onion-F1 Kamal Pak choi-Crunchy colour mix Parsnip-Tender and true Parsnip F1 Gladiator Pumpkin-Hundredweight Radish-French breakfast 3 Radish-sparkler 3 Spinach F1 Amazon Spinach-Gigante d'Inverno Spinach-perpetual Spring onion-Apache Spring onion-White Lisbon Salad leaves-Andean superfood mix Squash-(butternut)F1 Hunter Sweetcorn-F1 Sundance Sweet pepper-California wonder Swede-Ruby ​ Tomato-Gardener's delight Tomato-F1 Shirley Tomato-Sweet aperitif Tomato-F1 Sweet million Tomato-F1 Sungold Tomato-Hanging basket-F1 tumbler Turnip-Purple top Milan ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Beans and peas Broad bean-the Sutton Broad bean-Giant exhibition longpod Broad bean-Aquadulce-Claudia Climbing French bean-blue lake Climbing French bean-Cobra Dwarf French bean-Safari (Kenyan bean) Pea-Hurst green shaft Pea-Oregon sugar pod (mangetout) Pea-sugarsnap delikett Runner bean-best of all Runner bean-Butler Runner bean-enorma Runner bean-Prizewinner Runner bean-Scarlet emperor Snowpea-Green beauty Herbs Basil-'round midnight Basil bush Basil-sweet Borage Coriander Chives Chives garlic Dill Mint Parsley-plain leaved 2 Parsley-moss curled 2 Sage Thyme-common Rocket Rocket-wild ​ Flowers Aster-Ostrich plume mix Aubrieta-Cheeky mix African marigold-F1 Cheerleader mix Calendula-Orange king Cornflower-Blue diadem Cosmos-Sonata dwarf mix Cosmos-sensation tall mix ​ Foxglove-Pam's split Foxglove-Speckled spires mix Hollyhock-Chater's mix Nasturtium-Tutti frutti mix Nasturtium-Little gem mix Nasturtium-Princess of India Nasturtium-Dayglow mix French marigold-Queen Sophia Pansy-Giant fancy mix Poppy(Califonian)-Vivid mix Poppy-Ladybird Stock-fragrant bedding mix Stock(night scented)-Evening fragrance Sunflower-Giant yellow Sunflower-F1 Full sun Sweet pea-Cupani Sweet pea-old fashioned scented mix Sweet pea-Sublime scent mix Sweet William-Perfume mix Wallflower-Persian carpet mix Wildflowers-birds and bees mix Wildflowers-Butterfly mix Wildflowers-Colourful annuals mix Wildflowers-Country hedgerow mix

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