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  • Spices | Greensleeves Nursery

    Spices Our spices are from Seasoned pioneers. They are freshly roasted, ground and packaged the day they are sent to us. All spices come in resealable foil packs that protect them from UV light in order to maximise flavour. Allspice Berries £1.95/20g ​ black peppercorn Cracked £1.95/36g ​ ​ Caraway seeds £1.95/33g ​ Green Cardamom Pods £3.50/22g ​ Cayenne pepper £1.75/33g ​ ​ Cinnamon quills 85p per 6" quill ​ Ground cinnamon £1.95/40g ​ Clove Buds £1.95/22g ​ Ground roasted coriander £1.75/26g ​ Coriander seeds £1.30/17g ​ Roasted ground cumin £1.75/34g ​ Whole cumin seeds £1.40/28g ​ Whole fennel seeds £1.40/26g ​ Fenugreek seeds £1.40/44g ​ Ground ginger £1.75/32g ​ Juniper berries £1.65/22g ​ Whole brown mustard £1.40/43g ​ Nigella seeds £1.95/31g ​ Whole nutmeg £2.95/30g ​ Hungarian paprika £2.30/35g ​ Star anise £1.85/8g ​ Turmeric £1.65/34g ​

  • Preserves | Greensleeves Nursery

    Jam, honey & preserves The jam shed We are very fortunate to be stocking the jam sheds wonderful jams, conserves and marmalades. They are all made just up the road from us in Lytes Cary. Marmalades Seville Two orchards cider Cranberry & orange Lemon & lavender Pink grapefruit Pink gin & tonic ​ Jams Apricot Apricot and amaretto Blackcurrant & apple High dumpsie dearie Pear, blueberry & vanilla bean Raspberry Rhubarb & ginger conserve Strawberry Strawberry & Pimms Mrs Darlington's Lemon curd £2.95/320g Mrs Darlington's Lime curd £2.95/320g Mrs Darlington's Lemon & lime curd £2.95/320g Mrs Darlington's Orange curd £2.95/320g Local honey Large £7.99/454g Small, runny or set £5.99/227g

  • Meat and fish | Greensleeves Nursery

    Meat & fish All our smoked meats and fish come from Brown & Forrest in Hambridge. Smoked black pudding Pair of hot smoked trout fillets Pair of hot smoked mackerel fillets Toulouse sausages 4 pack Smoked bacon-200g Oak roasted pork & cider sausages 4 pack

  • Mixed veg/fruit boxes | Greensleeves Nursery

    Mixed Veg & Fruit Boxes We are selling our mixed boxes which are a great way of getting in and out of the shop quickly as you can pre-order for collection by email ( ) or phone ( ) or have them delivered on Tuesdays straight to your door. 01935 864166 As well as stocking a wide selection of fruit and veg we can also order in nearly anything you might need, be it Russet apples or fresh organic turmeric, just get in touch and let us know what you need. Small Mixed Box £12 Made up of a seasonal selection of our veg, fruit & salad. We can change the box to suit you, just let us know what you would like. Luxury Mixed Box £25 Made up of a seasonal selection of our veg, fruit & salad.We can change the box to suit you, just let us know what you would like. Medium/Large Mixed Box - £18 Made up of a seasonal selection of our veg, fruit & salad. We can change the box to suit you, just let us know what you would like. Fruit Box £10 Made up of a seasonal selection of fruit. We can change the box to suit you, just let us know what you would like.

  • Cheese & dairy | Greensleeves Nursery

    Cheese & dairy Somerset cheese company Six spires Unpasteurised cow's cheese Somerset cheese company Herb & cider ​ ​ Somerset cheese company Pennard vale Goat's cheese Somerset cheese company Pennard Ridge Red goat's cheese ​ ​ Somerset cheese company osseway fleece F sheep's cheese ​ ​ Lye Cross Mature cheddar cheese ​ ​ Glastonbury mozzarella £2.40 ​ ​ ​ ​ Bruton dairy Organic whole milk £1.55/1l Organic Semi-skimmed £1.55/1l Organic skimmed 1 litre £1.55/1l Bruton dairy Goat's milk £2.30/1l Bruton dairy Organic clotty cream £3.45/226g Brown cow Organic natural yoghurt £2.50/480g Brue Valley Salted butter £1.85/200g Bruton dairy Organic single cream £1.95/250g Bruton dairy Organic double cream £2.50/250ml Long Clawson Stilton ​ ​ Ma crémière Brie ​ ​

  • Plug plants | Greensleeves Nursery

    Plug plants Bacopa 85p per plug Begonia "Glowing Embers" £1.75 per plug Bidens 95p per plug Brachyscome 85p per plug Diascia "Diamond white blush" 95p per plug Dichondra "Silver falls" 85p per plug Euphorbia "Glamour" 65p per plug Geranium plugs £1.15 per plug Nemesia 95p per plug Petunia-various 85p per plug Sanvitalia "morning sun" 95p per plug Verbena "sparkle purple/red". 95p per plug ​

  • Bedding, basket & grasses | Greensleeves Nursery

    Bedding Plants Alyssum-tray of 6-£2.99 ​ Antirrhinum-tray of 6 £2.99 ​ Bacopa £2.50 ​ Begonia ​ 1/1

  • Fruit trees | Greensleeves Nursery

    Fruit trees Our skilled and dedicated team of experienced horticulturists use all their care and knowledge to ensure that our trees have the best start in life. ​ Our trees will not need additional feeding when planted as they have had organic matter added already, just plant them with the soil they are potted in. ​ We are happy to give advice on all our trees, even after purchase, just call us on or email us at 01935 864166 Apple Asmead's kernel 2 yr £27.50 ​ Apple Blenhiem orange 2 yr £27.50 Apple Beauty of Bath 2 yr £27.50 Apple Christmas pippin 2 yr £27.50 Apple discovery Maiden £23 Apple Egromont russet 2 yr £27.50 Apple Greensleeves Maiden £23 Apple Herefordshire Russet 2 yr £27.50 Apple Howgate wonder 2 yr £27.50 Apple Lord Lambourne 2 yr £27.50 Apple Scrumptious 2 yr £27.50 ​ Cherry Summer sun 2 yr £35 Apple Worcester Pearmain 2 yr £27.50 Cherry Sweetheart 2 yr £35 Cherry Stella 2 yr £35 Old greengage £35 Gage Oulinn's golden £27.50

  • Fresh bread | Greensleeves Nursery

    Fresh bread We are delighted to be stocking Evershot Bakery's bread. It arrives fresh from the bakery daily from Monday to Saturday. ​ We also now stock the Common Loaf's organic 100% sourdough rye bread. If you would like to guarantee you get the Evershot loaf you want you can place an order by 1pm the day before delivery (1pm Saturday for Monday delivery) by either calling us on or by emailing us at 01935864166 except the rye sourdough Cobber - lg/sm £3/£1.80 Sandwich £2.70 White tin - small £ 1.60 Sour dough £3.50 Danish Bloomer £2.70 Organic rye bread. £4.50 Speckle lg/sm £3/£1.80 Wholemeal lg/sm £2.85/£1.70 Soft white roll 75p for pack of 2 Cobber roll 75p for pack of 2 ​ *Any loaf sliced +5p extra

  • Microgreens | Greensleeves Nursery

    Microgreens Our microgreens are organically grown for us in Chilthorne Domer and come packaged in plant-based containers.