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  • The Farm shop | Greensleeves Nursery

    Farm shop From the bakery Cheese & d airy Meat & fish Spices Apricot jam £2.95 Baby beetroot £2.25 Apricot & amaretto jam £2.95 Baked beans £1.55 Apple juice £2.99 Baking powder £1.79 Chocolate biscuits £2.50 Bicarbonate of soda £1.65 Raspberry biscuits £2.50 Black bean salsa £2.99 BBQ sauce £2.95 Blackcurrant & apple jam £2.95 Bombay mix £1.15 Butternut squash & ginger soup £2.25 Carrot cake £3.20 Cherry cola £2 Brandy butter £3.40 Cherries with Kirch £6.50 Cajun jambalaya sauce £4.50 Brown sauce £2.95 Capers £1.55 Curiosity cola £2 Cheese wafers £2.45 Chilli rice crackers £1.50 Cherry & walnut cake £3.95 Sweet chilli sauce £4.75 Chickpeas £1.65 Chipotle salsa £2.99 Chocolate baking mix £4.25 Choc chip cake £3.90 Chocolate bees £1.15 Triple choc cookies £1.99 Chocolate ladybirds £1.15 Chocolate oat flips £2.50 Bakewell tart milk chocolate £2.55 Milk chocolate £2.55 Chocolate ha'penny £2 Caramel & sea salt milk chocolate £2.55 White chocolate £2.55 Honeycomb milk chocolate £2.55 70% dark chocolate £2.55 Cider vinegar £3.50/50cl £7/4l Coconut milk £1.90 Instant coffee £5.99 Italian style roast & ground coffee £4.80 Cordials £2.99 Coffee & walnut cake £3.20 Cranberry & orange marmalade £2.95 Cottage crunch £2.10 Cheese & onion £2.25 Salt & vinegar £1.99 Smoked bacon £1.99 Lightly salted £1.99 Oak smoked chilli £1.99 Rosemary & sea salt £1.99 Cookie mix £3.90 Dandelion & burdock £1.90 Herb dressing £4.50 Gluten-free plain flour £2.75 Dundee cake £3.50 Farmhouse pickle £3.99 Cobber flour £3.20 Local free-range eggs Large-£1.50 1/2 doz XL-£1.85 1/2 doz Organic fudge Clotted cream or sea salt £3.49 Plain white flour £2.10 Strong white flour £2.20/1.5kg £17.70/16kg Mild ginger biscuits £1.99 Wholemeal flour £2.20/1.5kg £17.70/16kg Gluten-free bread £3.99 Self-raising flour £2.10 Gnocchi £3.99 Genoa cake £3.35 Chicken gravy £3.10 Pink g & t marmalade £2.95 Red onion gravy £3.65 Almond granola £4.50 Somerset honey Large £7.99 Small £5.99 Small set honey £5.99 Honeycomb £7.50 Hummus £2.25 Jenny wren Original chocolate selection £8.49/150g Lasagne £2.80 Horseradish sauce £3.45 Red pepper hummus £2.25 Organic k idney beans £1.55 Hot chocolate £4.20 Herb hummus £2.25 Tomato ketchup £1.55 Dark speckled lentils £1.85 Lemon & lavender marmalade £2.95 Lime curd £2.95 Lentil & red pepper soup £2.25 Victorian lemonade £1.90 Lemon curd £2.95 Lemon & lime curd £2.95 Mango chutney £3.99 Mayonnaise £3.20 Mango salsa £2.99 Mint sauce £3.20 Garlic mayonnaise £3.20 Moroccan tagine sauce £4.50 £5.00 Organic muesli £3.20 Wholegrain mustard £3.35 Mediterranean nut roast £1.40 Smooth English mustard £3.35 Country veg nut roast £3.25 Dijon mustard £3.35 Cranberry nut roast Rough oatcakes £1.99 Oat flips £1.99 Green olives £1.50 Olives stuffed with peppers £1.50 Pasata £1.89 Pasta-Fusilli £2.15 Orange curd £2.95 Parmigiana sauce £3.90 Pancake mix £3.20 Napoletana sauce £3.90 Wholewheat fusilli £2.49 Pear, blueberry & vanilla jam £2.95 Gluten-free penne £3.40 Piccallili £3.95 Organic pesto £3.99 Pickled eggs £3.50 Pickled onions £3.50 Ploughman's pickle £2.75 Porridge oats £1.99 Pink G&T marmalade £2.95 Port & brandy cake £3.50 Pink grapefruit marmalade £2.95 Porcini mushrooms £3.99 Pumpkin seeds £1.89 Smoked rapeseed oil £4.99 Raisins £2.39 Raspberry jam £2.95 Rapeseed oil £3.99/250ml Redcurrant jelly £2.95 Red onion marmalade £2.95 Red velvet cake £3.20 Real ale chutney £3.95 Rhubarb & ginger conserve £2.95 Red lentils £1.85 Basmati rice £2.35 Brown rice £1.79 Rum & butter cake £3.50 Rice crackers £2.35 Salted caramel spread £3.00 Rosemary crackers £2.45 Seafood sauce £3.20 Sesame cracker £2.45 Seville orange marmalade £2.95 Sesame snaps Plain 30p Yoghurt 35p Shortbread £1.99 Sesame seeds £1.65 Spaghetti £1.85 Sri Lankan curry sauce £4.50 Stem ginger cake £1.99 Gluten free spaghetti £3.40 Stem ginger in syrup £6.50 Pimentón bravas sauce £4.50 Stem ginger cake £3.85 Strawberry jam £2.95 Wild sage & roast onion stuffing £2.70 Strawberry & Pimms jam £2.95 Sage, lemon & chestnut stuffing £1.99 Apricot & almond stuffing £1.75 Sugar Demerara £1.35/500g Granulated £1.15/1kg Golden caster £2.85/1kg Sultana & cherry cake £3.50 Tartare sauce £3.20 Sunflower seeds £1.75 Sunshine blend £1.99 Tamari £2.99 Cool camomile £2.99 Earl Grey £2.99 Mint tea £2.99 Ginger & lemon £2.99 Light tonic water £3.65 Green tea £2.99 Tonic water £3.65 Serrano chilli & Yucatan honey tortillas £2.25 Lightly slated tortillas £2.25 Chipotle & lime tortillas £2.25 White cheddar & jalapeño tortillas £2.25 Green lemon & pink peppercorn tortillas £2.25 Spicy tomato & sticky onion chutney £2.75 Two orchards cider & seville orange marmalade £2.95 Quick yeast (for bread machines) £1.99 Victoria plum jam £2.95 Dried active yeast (for hand baking) £1.99 Waffle mix £2.99

  • Home | Greensleeves Nursery

    Greensleeves Nursery & Farm Shop Welcome to Greensleeves Nursery and Farm Shop. We are offering discounts on our peat-free compost to support the transition from peat based to peat-free compost over the next couple of years. Robinson the fishmonger will be here Thursday afternoons from 2:45 until 3:15. Have a look at their website to see their full range. We are open 7 days a week, 10-5 Mon-Fri, 9-5 on Saturday and 10-4 on Sunday You can use the drop down menus for the Nursery or Farm Shop to navigate the site. If you have any questions you can call us 01935 864 166 or email us at Subscribe Stay up to date Submit

  • Recycled pots | Greensleeves Nursery

    Recycled plant pots Here at Greensleeves we welcome your old plant pots and trays. We strongly support recycling and where possible we try to re-use rather than throw away. We do ask that Plant pots be a minimum of 9cm in diameter and 8cm in height All pots and trays be in a fit condition for re-use. We cannot accept any damaged pots or trays Labels or any other plastic items are not included as we cannot re-use them Pots and trays are left with a member of staff

  • Gluten Free | Greensleeves Nursery

    Gluten-free & free from We stock gluten-free essentials as well as gluten-free treats that taste just as good, if not better, than their gluten filled cousins. We can also order in fresh gluten-free bread from Hobb's House bakery for you. Just give us a call on 01935864166 or email us here. Out of gallery

  • Roses | Greensleeves Nursery

    Roses This is a guide to what we sell. Stock and prices are subject to change. If there is something specific you are looking for give us a call or email us and we will try our best to help. "Bonica modern" Shrub rose £15 "Ena Harkness" Climbing rose £15 "Friend for life" Floribunda rose £15 "Happy anniversary" Floribunda rose £15 "Loving memory" Hybrid tea rose £15 "Pretty Jessica" English rose £15 "Sir Walter Raleigh" English rose £15 "Cécile Brunner" Climbing rose £15 "English Miss" Floribunda rose £15 "Golden showers" Climbing rose £15 "Lady Hillingdon" Climbing rose £15 "Margaret Merril" Floribunda rose £15 "Rambling rector" Rambling rose £15 "Special anniversary" Hybrid tea rose £15 "Crème de la crème" Climbing rose £15 "Etoile d'Hollande" Climbing rose £15 "Great Expectations" Floribunda rose £15 "Lady Marmalade" Floribunda rose £15 "Perennial blue" Rambling rose £15 "Rosa rugosa" Hedge rose £15

  • Seed potatoes, onion sets etc... | Greensleeves Nursery

    Seed potatoes, onion sets & planting garlic Seed potatoes £2.10/kg Onions-sturon £8.75/kg Golden skin variety Medium size bulbs Good variety for storing Ulster Prince-First Early Accord-First Early Nadine-Second early Pink fir apple-maincrop Desiree-maincrop King Edward-Maincrop Charlotte-Salad crop Onion & shallot sets Onions-Kormen £8.75/kg Red onion Sweet taste Onion Red baron-£8.75/kg Red skin variety Flatish-round bulbs Good strong flavour Onions-Stuttgarter giant £8.75/kg Yellow onion Flat shape Onions-Centurion £8.75/kg Yellow onion Crisp flavour Shallot-Golden gourmet £11.75/kg Uniform brown shallot. Mild flavour. Shallot set-Red sun £11.75/kg Best red skinned variety Bumper yields. Great flavour Shallot-Mikor £11.75/kg Half long shallot Pink tinged skin Stores well Shallot-Yellow moon £11.75/kg Golden skin Heavy cropper Shallot set-biztro £11.75/kg Red skinned Round in shape

  • Grasses | Greensleeves Nursery

    Grasses This is a guide to what we sell. Stock and prices are subject to change. If there is something specific you are looking for give us a call or email us and we will try our best to help. Calluna vulgaris "Beauty ladies heather" £4.99 Cortaderia selloana "Splendid star" £9.99 Miscanthus "Adagio" £8.99 Panicum £8.99 Phormium "Pink panther" £14.50 Cordyline £15 Eragrostis totnes burgundy £8.99 Miscanthus "Morning light" £8.99 Pennisetum hameln "Fountain grass" £8.99 Sesleria autumnalis £8.99 Cortaderia "Icalma" Dwarf pampas grass £8.99 Festuca blue £6.99 Ophiopogan planiscapus "Black grass" £6.99 Phormium "Maori queen" £14.50 Stipa gigantea £8.99

  • Spices | Greensleeves Nursery

    Herbs & Spices Our spices are from Seasoned pioneers. They are freshly roasted, ground and packaged the day they are sent to us. All spices come in resealable foil packs that protect them from UV light in order to maximise flavour. Spice blends Caribbean BBQ jerk rub £2.95/37g Simply rub this jerk seasoning into meat, fish or poultry then BBQ, grill or roast Chinese five spice £2.65/27g The quintessential Chinese spice. Use in stir fries or to marinade fatty meats like duck or pork belly. North Indian Curry Powder £2.95/41g The perfect shortcut to a great tasting curry. Used by HelloFresh. ​ ​ Zanzibar curry powder £2.95/40g A delicious mix of East African spices from the island of Zanzibar. It works well with meat and fish and also in vegetable curries. Ras-el-hanout spice blend £2.95/33g Fifteen herbs and spices, including rose petals and lavender, mixed together by hand to create the ultimate blend for tanginess and other North African dishes. Fajita seasoning £2.95/42g Also known as Mexican spice. Use as a marinade for meat, chicken or even vegetables. You can also add this mix to dishes like Chilli con Carne. Spices Allspice Berries £1.95/20g ​ Cracked black peppercorn £1.95/36g ​ ​ Caraway seeds £1.95/33g ​ Green Cardamom Pods £3.50/22g ​ Cayenne pepper £1.75/33g ​ ​ Cinnamon quills 85p per 6" quill ​ Ground cinnamon £1.95/40g ​ Clove Buds £1.95/22g ​ Ground roasted coriander £1.75/26g ​ Coriander seeds £1.30/17g ​ Roasted ground cumin £1.75/34g ​ Whole cumin seeds £1.40/28g ​ Whole fennel seeds £1.40/26g ​ Fenugreek seeds £1.40/44g ​ Ground ginger £1.75/32g ​ Juniper berries £1.65/22g ​ Whole brown mustard £1.40/43g ​ Nigella seeds £1.95/31g ​ Whole nutmeg £2.95/30g ​ Hungarian paprika £2.30/35g ​ Star anise £1.85/8g ​ Turmeric £1.65/34g ​ Herbs Bouquet garni in muslin balls £1.95/3 x 3g ​ Herbes de Provence £1.75/13g Wild grown oregano leaves £1.50/11g

  • The Nursery | Greensleeves Nursery

    The Nursery ​ Depending on the season we hold a range of plants including perennial and annual bedding plants, vegetables & herbs, trees and shrubs, alpines, climbers, wildlife supporting plants, roses, fruit trees and canes, bulbs and seeds. We also stock a wide range of Wild Bird Food, Composts, plant feeds, and sundries. ​ ​ ​

  • Cheese & dairy | Greensleeves Nursery

    Cheese & dairy Organic whole milk £1.65/1l Goat milk 1l (Pre-order only) £2.35/1l Organic live natural yoghurt £2.50/480g Truffler cheese £32.60/kg Fosseway fleece Hard sheep's cheese £27/kg Stilton blue cheese £18.38/kg Salted butter £1.99/200g Organic semi-skimmed milk £1.65/1l Organic double cream £2.70/250ml Six spires Unpasteurised cow's cheese £21.45/kg Pennard ridge Semi-hard goat's cheese £27/kg French brie £11.03/kg Fior di latte mozzarella £2.40 Whey butter £1.99/250g Organic skimmed milk £1.65/1l Organic single cream £2.10/250ml Cider & herb cheese £17.75/kg Pennard vale Hard goat's cheese £27/kg Lye Cross mature Cheddar cheese £12.23/kg Buffalo mozzarella £3.50