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A Word About Compost...

We all must agree that making your own compost is the best thing you can do for your garden, the environment and your pocket. You can find any amount of information online about how to do this for any size garden, allotment or set up that you have. But if you can't make your own, we've now got a plentiful supply for you (from Bulrush which we've stocked in the past and are happy to use for our own plants too), from multi-purpose to peat-free.


Multi-purpose, 60L bag for £6.50

MP Peat-free, 40L bag for £5.50

Ericaceous, 60L bag for £7.00

Farmyard manure, 50L bag for £5.95

Moisture retaining, 60L bag for £7.50

John Innes No 3, 25L bag for £4.95

While you're in for your compost, take a look at our shrub beds (see picture above) further down the site as we have some lovely specimens in, many of which are in full flower and it is the perfect time to plant them out in your beds, pots or hedges.

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