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A Few Updates from Greensleeves!!

Thank you for your custom since our last email to you, it has meant that we are managing to successfully navigate this difficult time, that you have had fresh fruit and veg and we've all been able to tend our gardens with at least some of what we may have been able to grow in past spring times. We just wanted to update you on a few things and remember, if you email us with an order or a query please be aware that it will likely take a day or two to get back to you - be patient, if you've sent it to the correct address, we will respond; and if you don't quite know what you want, please let us know your garden situation and we will attempt to advise.


  • Food is still being prioritised on the phone lines so if your order includes a majority of fruit, veg or our extras please phone it in on 01935 864166 and we'll give you the next available time slot.

  • Our mixed fruit/veg boxes will soon include more salad items as we are looking at what our suppliers have available which is seasonal and if possible, local.

  • We have a number of different 'extras' (cakes, biscuits, etc) for inclusion with your farm shop order - check out the 'Farm Shop' page on our website.

  • We have new potatoes and 2.5kg spuds but no large sacks at the moment.


  • Compost is getting very low so for all orders from today, we are limiting sales to 2 bags per household and we only have the Peat Free Multi-purpose at £6.95 a bag and the Grow Bags at £2.99 each left.

  • Bedding plants will be ready at the end of April, as usual and we will let you know how we will be selling those for delivery and collection - likely some sort of 'pink basket mix' or 'blue bedding mix' or similar but you'll be the first to know as subscribers and then you can email in your order to:

  • We have lots of veg plants for sale (tomatoes, beans, peas, cucumber, courgette, leeks, spring onions, squash, purple sprouting, etc) so please email your order in and we will ring you back to discuss and finalise it.

  • No onion or shallot sets but we still have seed potatoes.

  • We have bamboo canes back in now to include in your nursery order.

  • We still have a range of seeds but have run out of some - email your wish list and we'll get back to you with what we have.

  • We are still selling all of our nursery plants, trees, fruit bushes, perrenials, shrubs, hedging, etc so email your request and we'll see what we can do!

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