The Farm Shop

Our Farm Shop operates on a 1 (or couple/family) in 1 out basis and we have now opened for browsing so you can come in and see our full range of stock before finalising your purchases.  Of course we have a lovely selection of fresh, great quality veg, fruit & salad items but now also stock a huge range of dairy, cakes, biscuits, 'Free From...', drinks and store cupboard items.  We are constantly adding to our selection so please pop in or give us a ring if there is something you are particularly wanting.

Dairy & Eggs & Bread:

Free-range eggs

Large £1.50/XL eggs £1.85 half dozen

Bruton Dairy 

Organic skimmed, semi-skimmed & whole milk all £1.50/1l 

Bruton Dairy Organic Single Cream £1.80/250ml

Bruton Dairy Organic Double Cream £2.35/250ml

Bruton Dairy Clotted Cream - £3.30

Bruton Dairy Somerset Goats milk £2.25/1l

Brown Cow Organic Natural Yoghurt £2.35/500ml

Brue Valley Organic Salted Butter - £2.50/250g 


Lye Cross Mature Cheddar, Ma Cremière Brie, Clawson Stilton, Glastonbury Mozzarella

Somerset Cheese Co. Two types of goat cheese, sheep, cider & herb and six spire

Braces - wholemeal or white sliced loaf (pre-order only)

Evershot Bakery - Available 6 days a weekpre-order for collection Monday, Saturday or Thursday. 

Jams & Preserves:

Jam - Raspberry, Strawberry or Apricot £2.95

Marmalade - Thick Cut, Orange & Gin or Lime £2.95 

Curds - Lemon, Lime, Orange or Lemon & Lime £2.95 

Honey (local)- £7.99/large £5.99/small  

Honeycomb £7.50

Tomato & Onion Chutney £2.75 

Ploughman's Pickle No.7 £2.75 

Farmers Pickle £2.75 

Real Ale Chutney £3.99 

Bramley Apple Sauce £2.75  

Barbecue Relish £2.75 

Piccalilli  £3.99

Mango chutney £3.99

Pickled Onions £3.50

Pickled Eggs £3.50

Cakes & Biscuits:

Sultana & Cherry Cake  £3.50

Port & Brandy Fruit cake £3.50 

Chocolate Chip Cake  £3.35

Carrot Cake  £3.20

Red Velvet Cake £3.20

Rum & Butter cake £3.50

Dundee Cake £3.50

Cherry & Walnut  £3.50

Chocolate Oat Flips £2.35 

Oat Flips £1.99

Farmhouse Cottage Crunch £1.99 

Shortbread £1.99

Ginger Biscuits £1.99

Peanut Cookies £1.35

Chocolate Brownie Butter Biscuits £2.25

Borders Dark Choc Gingers £2.10 

Lemon Drizzle Melts £1.99


Piper's crisps, all £1.99/150g

Anglesey sea salt 

Black pepper and salt

Lye Cross cheddar & onion

Wild thyme & rosemary, 

Burrow hill cider vinegar & salt.

Manomasa tortilla chips. all £2.25/160g  

Chipotle & Lime  

Tomatillo Salsa  

Yucatan honey and chilli

Pop Pan savoury crackers £2.85

Paterson's Oatcakes - Rough or  Black Pepper £1.99

Breadsticks - Sesame or Traditional £1.55

Chilli Rice Crackers  £1.40

Bombay Mix £1.29

Store Cupboard:

Mint Sauce 

Tartare Sauce 


Mustard English 200g 

Mustard Wholegrain 200g

Apple Sauce

Tomato Ketchup 

Barbecue Sauce 

Brown Sauce 

Cider Vinegar - Burrow Hill in Somerset

Mayonaise - classic & toasted garlic

Distilled Malt vinegar & spiced malted

Wilton Basmati Rice

Wilton Brown Rice

Blue Dragon Egg Noodles

The Garlic Farm Oak Smoked Garlic

Seasoned Pioneers - spices & herbs


Expandable, elastic around the ear.

Solid front masks with extra pocket for filter.

Drinks & Goodies:

Dorset Teas - English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Camomile, Ginger & Lemon, Mint

Cornish Coffee  227g

Kernow Becky Bettesworth Milk, Sea                 Salt & Caramel, 70% dark &                       Honeycomb Chocolate Bar  100g

Apple Juice - local 

Monty Bojangles chocolates

Bottle Green Presse Raspberry 

Bottle Green Elderflow Cordial  

Fever Tree Tonic Water -                                            Mediterranean & Indian


Wessex Mill - The Millers Granola

Wessex Mill - Rolled Porridge Oats

Free From:

Mrs Crimbles Belgian Choc Brownies &                                          Bakewell Slices

Farmhouse Biscuits - Triple Choc or                                               Spicy Stem Ginger

Freeee Plain White Flour

Kikkoman GF Tamari

Garofalo Pastas and Gnocchi

Oat Drink - Rude Health organic

Soya Drink - Rude Health organic


Flour - Wessex Mill Wholemeal bread

Flour - Wessex Mill Strong white bread

Flour - Wessex Mill Strong white bread bulk buy (16kg bag)

Flour - Wessex Mill Plain flour

Flour - Wessex Mill SR flour

Yeast - Allinsons OR Doves Farm

Baking powder - Freee

Baking Soda - Freee